10 cities will host UEFA EURO 2016 France steps up security

1,200 additional soldiers, over 3,000 policeman have been deployed in addition to the 10,000 troops already taking part in Paris. . The City of Paris revealed its sustainable development action plan.

Between June 10th - July 10th, Paris will host UEFA EURO 2016, one of the world’s most followed sports competitions and monitoring has been stepped up at tourist sites, on transport, in shopping for the reception of UEFA EURO 2016. On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week, the City of Paris revealed its sustainable development action plan for the reception of UEFA EURO 2016 and its commitment to a sustainable approach of eco-design and eco-management of the event.

Paris will host, one of the world’s most followed sports competitions From June 10th to July 10th and the City defined 4 major issues: improve the social reception acceptability for great international sports events, favour the inclusion of every Parisian during the event, reduce the environmental footprint and prove the responsible innovation capacity through solutions meant for the events and the city of tomorrow.

This commitment is part of a national plan organised by the Club of reception sites of UEFA EURO 2016, in charge of organising sustainable actions in the 10 French cities hosting the competition, and in compliance with the Charter of environmentally responsible events, adopted in 2015 by the Council of Paris.

10 cities will host UEFA EURO 2016 and from Paris to Marseille, lets see what they offer:
The first match of UEFA EURO 2016 takes place at the Stade de France in the Saint-Denis district of Paris. The 2016 European Championship trophy is placed in front of the Basilica of St Denis and it is considered the first Gothic church. Lens is in northern France. There is the Louvre-Lens art museum, inaugurated in 2012 and is built on the site of an old coal mine. Bordeaux, called the "Pearl of Aquitaine", is renowned for its beauty and its wine. The "Miroir d’eau" (mirror of water) is at the heart of the city, reflecting the Place de la Bourse.

France’s second largest city Marseille has avoided becoming a tourist trap and boasts both a maritime and an urban feel. Paris, the capital of France has something to everyone. Among the most renowned landmarks beyond the Eiffel Tower, there you can encounter many surprising discoveries. Nice draws the attention of tourists for many years with its clear waters, brilliant sunlight and pebbly beaches. Chagall and Matisse can be an inspiration for artists. Nice lives up to its name "Nice la belle".

Lille is a university city known for its lively character and cuisine. Because of its terracotta brick architecture Toulouse is called the “Pink City”. It is located on the River Garonne and the city’s origins go back to at least the eighth century BC. Lyon is situated between the Rhône and Saône rivers and famous for its wine and cuisine. The boulevards lined with shops, and the unassuming atmosphere makes you feel France. Saint-Etienne, also famous for its football, has many other suprising delights like chocolate. The city is in Loire valley and one example of its modern architecture is the Cité du Design.

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