5-year-old Florida girl is accidentally killed by her brother

Alone in an apartment, 8 year-old brother shot his 5-year old sister and gave 4-year-old neighbour injuries.

8-year-old brother, 5-year-old sister and a 4-year-old neighbour were alone in an apartment when their parents left and went shopping. Brother shot that killed his sister and neighbour non-life-threatening injuries. Emergency personnel had tried to save the 5-year-old Florida girl but she died at that scene.

Mother's 34-year-old boy friend is believed to bring the gun into the apartment. He turned himself into the police, arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

It is reported that for the 8-year-old boy, therapist is set and the shooting is described as a tragic unfortunate accident.

Highland County Press -
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