BMW 3 Series to be manufactured in a new plant in Mexico

BMW has begun development of another industrial facility in Mexico, turning into the most recent automaker to head south of the outskirt.

The new facility of BMW Group, assessed to be prepared for generation in 2019, will be situated in San Luis Potosi, a region that is home to a few auto plants from different producers. Development started Thursday with a pivotal function. It will manufacture the BMW's top rated auto line, the BMW 3 Series, and is relied upon to meet a creation limit of up to 150,000 autos every year. The BMW Group is putting around $1 billion in the plant, which is relied upon to make 1,500 new employments.

Mexico is seen as a perfect area for various automakers because of the nation's lower wages and unhindered commerce concurrences with the United States and Canada and also some Asian and South American nations. Extending its creation impression will likewise help BMW speed up conveyance times and support against money vacillations.

As anyone might expect some of BMW's adversaries have affirmed arrangements to assemble autos in Mexico. Audi will begin constructing its Q5 in Mexico in the not so distant future and Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz have both affirmed arrangements to work cutting edge adaptations of some of their conservative autos south of the border.

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