Britain left Euro 2016, England outraged!

Britain left Euro 2016 on account of Iceland, losing 2-1 on Monday. In spite of the slender score and Iceland's phenomenal execution, the English were shocked.

Amid their call of the amusement on ESPN in the United States, Englishmen Ian Darke and Steve McManaman selected not to call the activity by any means, rather picking to affront the players and Roy Hodgson while mourning the ruin of their nation. The front pages of the English daily papers extend the picture of a nation experiencing a complete emergency.

This is all exceptionally disparaging to Iceland, however, who should be judged on their benefits and not their populace. They've performed well against groups pretty much tantamount to England, beating the Netherlands twice, and Turkey and the Czech Republic in qualifying. They went undefeated in a gathering with Austria, Portugal and Hungary.

This supposed stunning miracle was basically an instance of an extremely very much prepared beating one that was out of structure and is known for missing the mark concerning their objectives, having neglected to make an elimination round outside of their own fringes following 1990.

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