Car bomb attack kills at least 6 Jordanian officers

No less than six Jordanian officers were killed and 14 others harmed in an auto bomb assault close fringe with war-torn Syria on Tuesday.

The Jordanian armed force said in an announcement that the bombarding struck almost a military checkpoint in al-Rukban area close outskirt with Syria. The announcement depicted the besieging as a "weak demonstration", vowing to seek after the kingdom's battle against terrorism. There has been no case of obligation regarding the assault.

The Jordanian TV reported that the bombarding occurred at 5:30 nearby time almost a Syrian displaced person camp near the nation's outskirt with Syria. As indicated by the TV, the Jordanian armed force has dispatched a manhunt for the aggressors and wrecked some of their vehicles, giving no further points of interest.

Jordan imparts a 375-km permeable fringe to war-torn Syria, scattered with casual intersections utilized by Syrian evacuees. Then, Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood bunch censured the assaults against Jordanian officers.

In an announcement, the gathering depicted the assault as a "criminal demonstration", going ahead to emphasize its backing for the Jordanian armed force and offered sympathies to the Jordanian individuals and groups of the casualties.

The Muslim Brotherhood was announced unlawful by Jordanian powers after a gathering of defectors enlisted another Muslim Brotherhood Society as a Jordanian substance.

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