Donald Trump has support for the travel ban from Europe

Altough Donald Trump is protested by many people around the world, this doesn't mean he is not supported by anybody.

After the condemnation of the travel ban in USA, Donald Trump provoked global demonstrations. But in Europe, anti-establishment politicians vying for power are supporting this ban and applauding this anti-immigrant sentiment.

In France, National Front Party leader Marine Le Pen has defended Trump's ban and she is a front-runner in the upcoming elections. In France, rocked by a constant stream of terror attacks, her anti-globalist rhetoric play well in France.

The Netherlands is getting ready for March elections and a retired business owner there Waldschmit believes it's time for a change and says that Trump's ban is a step in the right direction. He says people coming from other countries get help from EU but local people don't. PVV (Party For Freedom) party is enjoying a surge of popularity is enjoying a surge of popularity and Geert Wilders' brand of anti-Islam and anti-immigrant rhetoric is pulling in voters.

In Germany, some support restriction and say it is about security. They believe that Europe must secure its borders and deport those who are there illegally. Moreover some say that Germany urgently needs an immigration law.

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