“Hey Siri” called the ambulance saved one-year-old baby’s life

A new function of Siri helped a mother to call the ambulance when she dropped her iPhone. As there was no time to spare looking for it, she tried to say "hey siri" and it worked.

Giana, who had been battling a chest infection and bronchiolitis, stopped breathing and Stacey Gleeson, her mother, ran to the child's room but dropped iPhone as she turned on the light. She had no time to spare and she shouted to activate Siri. She told Siri to call the emergency services. While she was resuscitating her daughter, she was able to communicate with the medical help service.

One-year-old Gianna was breathing when the ambulance arrived and Ms Gleeson told she feels this function of iPhone may have saved her daughter's life. In iPads and iPhones, you can activate the AI assistant only by saying “hey Siri” and without touching any button it gives precious moments fort he people in need of help.

But this was not the first time Siri has literally saved the day. In August 2015, Sam Ray, 18-year-old boy was working under his Dodge Dakota when suddenly the vehicle collapsed. No one was nearby when his left hand was pinned under the truck. Siri activated on its own from Ray’s back pocket, allowing him to call 911 and get medical attention.

Highland County Press -
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