Memory loss is expected to triple by 2050 in the US

If you forget where you put the keys, however worrisome, it is normal according to the experts. But if you are putting the keys in the oven, it indicates a serious problem.

Memory loss may sometimes disrupt daily activities such as driving or forgetting your appointments regularly and suggest the need of medical assessment. Forgetting conversations, the names, the questions you asked during the same dialog are some signs.

Memory loss gets worse over the time and you should do something to reduce the risk of memory problems. Some of them are keeping cholesterol and blood pressure levels low, quiting smoking and alcohol, eating healthy food. Reading and writing activities and also playing games can help you with the developing risk.

What causes memory loss?

Heavy drinking and medications, stress, depression, head injury are the some causes of memory loss. Also HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis and herpes infections, thyroid problems are some of them. If you lack of quality sleep, and have low levels of B1 and B12 vitamins you are also under risk.

What is the most serious form?

Dementia is the most serious form of memory loss and it causes developing memory problems. It impairs the daily activity abilities. The causes of Dementia are a lot but the most common one is Alzheimer’s disease. Loss of brain cells, accompanied by other abnormalities of brain causes the Dementia. In the United States, about 5 million people have a form of dementia and its expected to triple by 2050 acoording a research in a journal.

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