Prince died of an overdose from opioid painkillers

According to the Associated Press, unexpected death of Prince was of an overdose from opioid painkillers, and the deaths from overdose use of them in America is tragically becoming to a record high.

It is a long term waiting period for patients with drug abuse disorders to get the treatment however Prince had been reportedly trying to check in the treatment before he died on April 21. It has become an issue for Americans and the surveys show that there are many people addicted to painkillers however they are not all aware of their addiction.

The increase in opioid deaths reached a record high and Pharmaceutical companies took advantage of this concern. It is too easy to reach the drugs for teens as people got doctors to prescribe such products or even at the black market. As a result, in 2014, about 19.000 Americans died from overdoses of opioid painkillers.

The rise in overdose use of opioid deaths set the doctors and the government  in motion and also law enforcement also dissuaded them from prescribing the drugs. Because they were to lose their medical license. So the doctors should get painkillers to the patients who are really in need of them. While doing it they should also evaluate the drug abuse history of the patients. But this was not a total resolution for the addiction because the addicted people, in order to satistfy their habit, turned to a cheaper and potent opioid, heroin. In 2014, this resulted with more than 10.000 deaths linked to heroin abuse in the US.

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