Salt fights, cut the intake but what about the industry?

Everybody knows the consumption of salt elevates the blood pressure and then possibly can contribute to heart disease and strokes. But between the regulators and foof industry the fight does not end.

Targeting the packaged food and restaurant meals , The Food and Drug Administration issued guidelines that how much salt Americans consume a day. Although the government proposed to cut salt intake by one-third, the fight is escalating.

Since 2005 there is an apparent fight against salt due to the studies on human health and after salt has been linked to heart diseases and strokes which causes death. According to The FDA an individual should take 2,300 milligrams Daily and targets 150 categories of food, including soups, bakery products, snacks and pizza. Butmost of the consumers claimed that the problem is that salt is added to meals before they come to their table.

Now the proposed rules give manufacturers 2 years time and they are to cut sodium levels in products in in 10 years they are to cut further. FDA said that the time may seem long but it is necessary to produce new food products.

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