Second fatal shark attack incident in Australia in a week

This is the second death by the same reason in a week in Australia. Earlier this week a 29-year-old surfer and today a 60-year-old woman diver died after shark attacks in western Australia.

A police inspector said the latest incident of which a woman died after a shark attack took place at Mindarie between One and Three-Mile Reefs, off the city of Perth. A man who was diving with the 60-year-old woman, told the police he felt something go past him. 43-year-old man told that he saw a “commotion in the water". The woman suffered injuries "consistent with a shark attack", police said.

Although the government has not yet confirmed that a shark caused the death, the Department of Fisheries treat the incident as a fatal shark incident according to the news. Officials believe the source was a nearly 10-foot white shark based on the “nature of the injuries and the location of the incident.” A boat crew that arrived to help said the shark was longer than their 5.5m (18ft) vessel.

Beaches were closed after the incident as it’s the second death in a week. A 29-yer-old surfer was attacked by a shark on Tuesday and died of his injuries on Friday night.

Highland County Press -
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