Shanika Minor, on FBI '10 Most Wanted' list, is captured in N.C.

Added to the "10 Most Wanted Fugitives" list of FBI this week in the killing a pregnant Milwaukee lady and her unborn baby, Shanika Minor has been captured in Fayetteville, N.C.

24-year-old Minor, is blamed for shooting her mother's nine-months-pregnant neighbor, Tamecca Perry after Minor stood up to the lady with a complaint about noisy music. Minor has no past criminal record.

She is the seventh Wisconsin fugitive on the FBI list since its initiation in 1950, and the first from Milwaukee.

Minor was accused in March of two counts of first-degree murder the deadly shooting of Perry and Perry's unborn baby.

Minor, equipped with a weapon, initially tested Perry to a battle the night of March 5 and discharged a few shots into the air and before leaving the scene at her mom's request, authorities say.

Hours after the fact, around 3 a.m. March 6, Minor returned and her mom again attempted to mediate — venturing amongst Minor and the pregnant neighbor — yet was not able de-raise the circumstance before Minor came to over her mom's shoulder and terminated a round at Perry's mid-section, as indicated by police.

Weeks after Perry was killed, her brother, Deshun Freeman, was shot and executed amid a contention after a minor car crash. Prosecutors have charged a 28-year-old concealed-carry permit holder license with manslaughter in his demise.

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