"Titi Pierce" gets Ellen DeGeneres on hot water she is to be sued

One of the most popular segments of The Ellen DeGeneres Show has landed her on hot water. The way Ellen pronounced a woman’s name offenced her and she is taking legal action now.

Jokes are essential at “What’s Wrong With These Ads...And These Signs?” part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But this time it seems not be so funny for Ellen. During this popular segment of the Show, a woman’s name was used in a joke and now Ellen is to be sued because of it.

The big question is “what is the name of this woman?”. Let us tell you. Her name is Titi Pierce. But the legal complaint points out that this name is pronounced Tee Tee. 35-year-old Georgian woman, as her name was mispronounced to make a breast joke during a daytime talk Show by Ellen, landed her in trouble. Ellen read out the woman’s adverts during the segment and everybody laughed except for Titi Pierce.

The lawsuit read: “In all of her 35 years of life, no one has ever referred to Ms Pierce as ‘titty’ until the Defendant did so on February 22, 2016 on national television.”
It then led to “immediate ridicule” from the audience. She is also claiming that they intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

The Emmy award winning show's producers have also been hit with the lawsuit as they didn’t blur out the Georgian woman's mobile number on the show, to which she claims that she then received “ridiculing and harassing” phone calls while she was attending a family funeral.

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Susan Schroeder :
Serves her right. Her stupid jokes. She is one of several female comediennes I am truly tired of: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kirstie Alley, Amy Schumer, and soon, Melissa McCarthy. All their humor is tired and not funny to me. Only Tina Fey can actually write but I hate her and Poehler's dumb movies.
6/6/2016 1:22:39 PM

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