West Virginia flooding: State of emergency declared

Two men who were assumed dead when a camper was cleared away in hurrying waters amid the West Virginia surges were discovered alive, authorities said Monday as all the more substantial downpour fell on officially splashed parts of the state.

The revelation of the men brings down the loss of life to 23, authorities said. That number incorporates 20 bodies found and three individuals who are missing and assumed dead. The men were either outdoors or prepared to set up camp when the downpour began last Thursday, said Timothy Rock, representative for West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

The left the greater part of their apparatus and their truck at the campground in the Blue Bend territory of the Monongahela National Forest in Greenbrier County, the hardest-hit zone, and got a ride out with another gathering.

Greenbrier County Sheriff Jan Cahill said the men simply left their assets at the campground and went home. Cahill additionally said the men were never on his office's assumed dead rundown.

The men were from the Bluefield region — around a two-hour drive from the campground. Rock and Cahill did not know their names.

The National Weather Service cautioned storms Monday could bring a half-creep of downpour or more in a few zones desolated by flooding, including Greenbrier, Kanawha and Nicholas regions.

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