Boomers win Australia’s first men’s basketball medal, Nicola McDermott wins silver, as it happened


Medal ceremony coming up soon.

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. And it’s taken a lot of experiences, a lot of ups, a lot of downs, for us to get over the hump.

And it’s our culture, at the end of the day. Australian culture, our Aussie spirit. It’s the boys being able to hang together and understand the meaning of what it means to represent your country, and how deep the layers go.

For it to just come pouring out in moments like this. Now that we’ve made it over the hill, this is the standard now of Australian basketball from now on, and we take nothing less. I don’t know whether to cry, laugh, smile, a lot of emotions.

It is time to bring an Olympic medal home. Back to our country, Australia, so I can hang it up at Mum and Dad’s house.

We’re all crying now.


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