How to watch the Tokyo Paralympics and when is the opening ceremony

Do you have an Olympic-sized hole in your heart and TV viewing schedule? 

The Tokyo Paralympics are due to start this week and run until Sunday, September 5, but just like the Olympics there will be limited spectators because of the COVID pandemic.

Here’s what you need to know about how and when to watch.

How to watch the Paralympics in Australia?

The Tokyo Paralympics will be broadcast in Australia on free-to-air TV on Channel Seven.

You can also watch the Paralympics on the streaming platform 7Plus.

The ABC will be live blogging events every day of the Paralympics.

Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart (AEST) are one hour ahead of Tokyo (JST) so Australians won’t have to stay up late to watch most events.

When is the Paralympics opening ceremony?

The Tokyo Paralympics opening ceremony is due to be held at 9:00pm AEST on Tuesday, August 24, and run for three hours.

Just like the Olympics, the Paralympics opening ceremony will be held at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium without fans present.

The theme of the opening ceremony is “united by emotion”.

What sports are in the Paralympics?

The Tokyo Paralympics will feature 22 sports across 539 events, including two new sports: badminton and taekwondo.

Many of the sports that are in the Olympics can be found in the Paralympics, but are modified to fit the requirements of Paralympic athletes.

These include swimming, athletics, shooting, archery, cycling, judo and wheelchair tennis.

Team sports included are wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and 5-a-side football.

There are 22 sports at theTokyo Paralympics.(

AP: Shuji Kajiyama


Many of the sports in the Paralympics feature multiple subsets of athletes, broken down into classifications.

That’s to ensure fairness of competition by having athletes compete against people with similar levels of impairment.

There are two sports unique to the Paralympics.

They are goalball, where vision-impaired players compete using a ball with bells inside it, and boccia, where players with motor impairments play a game similar to bowls.

When is the Paralympics closing ceremony?

The Tokyo Paralympics closing ceremony is due to be held at 9:00pm AEST on Sunday, September 5, and run for two-and-a-half hours.

The closing ceremony will also be held at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium

Once the Paralympics are over you’ll have to wait five months for the Winter Olympics.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are due to be held from February 4 to February 20 in China’s capital Beijing.

What is the Tokyo Paralympics mascot?

The Tokyo Paralympics mascot is Someity (pronounced soh-may-i-tee).

A Pokémon-like, anime-styled avatar can use the cherry blossom tactile sensors on the sides of its head for telepathic powers and fly with its cape.

A pink and white robot like mascot suit with big anime style eyes.
The Tokyo Paralympic mascot Someity.(

AP: Eugene Hoshiko


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