Former Queensland cricketer, TV star Lee Carseldine chases down alleged laptop thieves


Former Queensland cricketer Lee Carseldine has warned sellers on social media marketplaces they should be careful during transactions after allegedly chasing down two thieves who snatched a laptop from his hands.

Carseldine told ABC Radio Brisbane the Saturday afternoon incident began when he put the laptop and some other items up for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

He was contacted by the alleged thieves who arranged to meet and inspect the laptop at his home.

“I was behind my fence … and these young kids came up and literally snatched the laptop out of my hand and decided to take off and leg it,” Carseldine said.

In security footage Carseldine shared on social media, the Survivor star can be seen leaping over his picket fence and chasing after the alleged thieves.

“I was gaining pretty quickly … and I got to about 10, 20 metres [away] and my hammy blew,” he said.

“It literally blew halfway through the run, so that curtailed my chase to the point where I couldn’t catch them.

“But I kept up with them for probably another 300 metres.

“I wasn’t stopping even though I was on one leg.”

Carseldine yelled out to the thieves urging them to drop the laptop, warning they would “feel my wrath”.

Queensland Police said investigations remained ongoing, but no one had been charged over the incident.

Warnings to social media users

Carseldine said in hindsight he should have checked the alleged thieves’ Facebook credentials more thoroughly before agreeing to the meet, only later discovering the account was only a few months old.

“It’s just a timely reminder if you’re going to sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace to be careful,” he said.

“Make sure that you check the account, who’s actually contacting you. Make sure it looks legitimate and they don’t come into the house.

Facebook Marketplace recommends sellers view a buyer’s profile before confirming a sale, be cautious if anything seems too good to be true, and arrange to make a sale in a well-lit, public place or near a police station.

Users can also report suspicious activity or suspicious sale items through Facebook.


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