NRL wants answers on Penrith trophy break

The NRL asked Penrith for a “please explain” after images emerged of them partying with a badly broken premiership trophy.

Photos emerged on social media of Penrith players with the broken Provan-Summons trophy, with the sculpture of the two men away from the base.

In one of the images, Norm Provan and Arthur Summons can be seen in what appears to be a pram with the caption “googoo gaga” on the image.

The situation is understood to have upset NRL CEO Andrew Abdo, particularly given the status the trophy image has in the game.

Trophies regularly break in post-season celebrations, but the images that have been spread since are what has earned the ire of head office.

Panthers centre Stephen Crichton carrying what appears to be the broken trophy.(



An NRL spokesman confirmed to AAP that the league has asked the Panthers for an explanation.

It is also possible the club could be sanctioned, as well as being charged for any repair fees to the trophy.

More to come.


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