Clark, Ladhams and Dawson get deadline day deals as AFL trade period ends

It took until the last hour of AFL trade period, but all of Jordan Clark, Jordan Dawson, Peter Ladhams and Jonathon Ceglar get their desired moves.

Clark secured a move to Fremantle, Dawson is headed to Adelaide, Ladhams is off to Sydney and Ceglar joined Geelong in a frantic finish to the window.

There were also trades for Max Lynch and Darcy Fort, but no luck for Bobby Hill and Tristan Xerri, who were forced to stay at GWS and North Melbourne respectively. 

Get all the details of every trade and see how it all unfolded below.

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By Dean Bilton

Well traded, one and all

That will just about do me, I reckon. As expected everything just about everything came through at the last minute, with deals for Jordan Clark, Peter Ladhams, Max Lynch, Darcy Fort and Jonathon Ceglar arriving in the last 45 minutes of the trade period. Thankfully Jordan Dawson’s was ticked off earlier in the day, allowing us a much-needed six hours of breathing space between deadline day deals.

Sure, it wasn’t the most thrilling trade period we’ve ever seen, but they can’t all be blockbusters. And as I mentioned yesterday, this year’s blog is going to be really interesting, and will be where the real post-season action is in 2021. The blogs and coverage will be back for that – and don’t miss our full trade wrap-ups and analysis, arriving here and in more complete form at tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging out, I’ll see you next time!

By Dean Bilton

No luck for Xerri or Hill

Getty Images

So we kinda already knew, deals for Tristan Xerri and Bobby Hill to St Kilda and Essendon respectively were not completed.

In Xerri’s case, the two clubs were just too far apart in their valuation of the player, and in Hill’s it turns out the Giants had zero interest in letting him leave.

There was also that brief Luke Breust flurry. According to GWS list manager Jason McCartney, that would have happened if Breust had have been willing to leave Hawthorn. Which he wasn’t. So it didn’t.

By Dean Bilton

There’s the siren!

Trade period is over! Did you get everything you wanted this year?

By Dean Bilton

Key Event

Max Lynch has been traded to Hawthorn

Right, this is a complicated one. AFL House confirms the deal is:

  • Hawthorn receives Max Lynch, a future third round pick (tied to Fremantle) and a future fourth round pick (tied to Gold Coast) from Hawthorn
  • Collingwood receives two future third round picks, one of which is tied to Brisbane (the one they sent to Geelong for Fort, and Geelong sent to Hawthorn for Ceglar. Still with me?)

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year. 

By Dean Bilton

Key Event

Peter Ladhams has been traded to Sydney

In the nick of time.

AFL House has confirmed the deal is:

  • Sydney receives Peter Ladhams and pick 16 from Port Adelaide
  • Port Adelaide receives pick 12 and a future third round pick from Sydney

Pretty good result for Sydney on paper.

By Dean Bilton

Fifteen minutes to go

Okay, once more for good luck…

By Dean Bilton

Thirty minutes to go

What’s left? Peter Ladhams? Gone a bit quiet there for now, but there’s still time.

By Dean Bilton

Key Event

Jordan Clark has been traded to Fremantle

And Fremantle have held on to their coveted pick 19.

This has now been confirmed by AFL House:

  • Fremantle receives Jordan Clark and a future fourth round pick from Geelong
  • Geelong receives pick 22 and a future third round pick, tied to Carlton, from Fremantle

Fair play to Freo for sticking to their guns. A fair result all round, I would say.

By Dean Bilton

The Jordan Clark deal looks like it’s done too!

What a shock, it’s all happening in the last 45 minutes! Details and confirmation coming, but Freo have got their man.

By Dean Bilton

Key Event

Jonathon Ceglar has been traded to Geelong

Sounds like Ceglar has won himself a two-year contract at the Cats, and the Hawks will be paying a chunk of his salary too.

This has been confirmed by AFL House: The breakdown is:

  • Geelong receives Jonathon Ceglar and a future-fourth round selection from Hawthorn
  • Hawthorn receives a future third-round selection tied to Brisbane (the one the Cats just got for Fort) from Geelong

Just waiting for Lynch2Hawks to be confirmed now.

By Dean Bilton

Key Event

Darcy Fort has been traded to Brisbane

We have trade news! The ruck roulette has stopped and it turns out everyone is a winner.

This has just been confirmed by AFL house, so let’s break it down:

  • Brisbane receives Darcy Fort and pick 41 from Geelong
  • Geelong receives pick 50 and a future third rounder from Brisbane

And very soon we’ll have confirmation of Jon Ceglar’s move to Geelong, as that was tied up in this deal, and Max Lynch’s move to Hawthorn. Technically these are all separate deals, but they are all intertwined.

By Dean Bilton

One hour to go

And some actual news is imminent…

By Dean Bilton

Final nail in the Bobby Hill trade

GWS list manager Jason McCartney has been on 3AW confirming Bobby Hill be remaining at the Giants.

The deal has never been alive to be honest — he’s a required player at the Giants.

He’s a valuable player for us, we don’t have a lot of small forward and Toby Greene isn’t playing for the first five games of 2021. So that’s where it stands.

Well there you go. Tough one for Bobby Hill, who sounds as if he’s been pretty cut up by it all today. 

By Dean Bilton

Ninety minutes to go

An hour and a half. Time to get a wriggle on, folks.

Sidenote: I’ve just remembered Amazon were apparently doing a documentary on this trade period. I know which side of the All Or Nothing scale that one will fall on.

By Dean Bilton

Don’t ask, Mitch

Hi Dean, me again.

What is your over/under for how many trades will go through after 6pm AEDST. I am thinking the line is 8.5 Trades

-Ninja Spoon

Hello again Mr Spoon. I would take the unders there, and set my line at 5.5. I reckon Clark, Ladhams, Ceglar, Fort and Lynch go through in the next 100 minutes.

Or maybe nothing will happen! Who can say!

By Dean Bilton

Scoop from Patrick Dangerfield

Thanks Pat, report back when you have more.

By Dean Bilton

Two hours to go

Hope your typing fingers are ready… this could get COVID-blog-when-3-pressers-are-going simultaneously hectic


Turns out all those thousands of COVID blogs were just training for the big one – the end of this AFL trade period.

By Dean Bilton

Carlton have re-signed some players

Took me a minute to figure out what the hell was going on here…

But it turns out Matthew Owies, Oscar McDonald, Jordan Boyd and Luke Parks have all signed one-year deals. The Blues also say they will re-contract Lochie O’Brien and Matthew Cottrell via the rookie draft.

By Dean Bilton

It’s too quiet…

Reminds me of the Simpson’s gag when Principal Skinner was watching the skies and constantly reporting ‘no sighting’…

Where are the trades!

-Ninja Spoon

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