The surge of new voters for The Greens in the Australian 2022 Election

With Australia’s 2022 elections having just finished, and the new Prime Minister, Anthony Alabanese having already completed his first day at work as being the PM of Australia, we are now dealing with the aftermath of the electoral votes.

Australians are still sifting through the data, trying to understand what this means for everyone. Nothing was more shocking than all the Australians who have suddenly turned into people who vote for The Greens.

Who votes for The Greens?

Traditionally people who voted for the Greens were ‘Greenies’. They stuck out like a sore thumb. Always strange and unique people who looked like they hadn’t had a bath for months.

The type of people that look like they shop at UpCycling shops, and let you know about it – Virtue Signalling!

Why have The Green gained a lot more votes in 2022?

For around a decade now, we have had Global Warming (remember that, well it’s now called Climate Change) rammed down our throats.
With the introduction of Electric vehicles everywhere on our roads. Just look at how many Tesla’s there are out there driving around. So many. Here are the stats for Tesla car sales in Australia

Combine this with the price of petrol at the bowser blowing out to extraordinary levels. it’s not hard to see why so many people think that spending an extra $40,000 on a car with a 10-year lifespan makes sense (somehow)

It would take an awful amount of driving to recoup that extra $40,000 you spend on an electric vehicle. with no fuel costs.
no fuel costs? well of course there is, electricity is fuel, that costs money. but these electric car drivers don’t realize that.

They think they are saving the environment too because get this, Greta told them so!

So we’ve added the availability of electric cars being widespread and abundant. 9-month waiting lists on Tesla’s aren’t unheard of.

We’ve got fuel prices being sky-high. Imagine owning a v8 right now. holy smokes!

We’ve got Greta and New Zealand’s dictator being the darlings of the world with their save the planet mentality. Stories like this are heavily pushed by the late-night shows over in the USA that is watched by a majority audience of young college kids.

Being a Greenie is now The Norm

so as you can see with all this stuff going on, being a freak Greenie is full-on normal to most young people. Having had Climate Change rhetoric brainwashing us for over a decade, to a young person, you’re a loonie if you don’t drink the Climate Change Kool-Aid. Everyone else is, and that’s what they teach at school.

If this is what was achieved by Australian voters in 2022, and climate change only grows stronger and stronger, what will the next election look like?

and with the Triple El Nina finishing over the next year or so, will bring our scorching Aussie Summers back to life, and then more ‘The world is heating up!’ hysteria!

What Greenies fail to understand

The problem with people who vote for The Greens is that they don’t use common sense, and more than ever, ‘common sense is not common’ – Wow, what an understatement that is. There are even people who vote Greens who were anti-vaxxers their whole lives, until the Covid Vaxxes came along, and went out and collected all 3 of them! Seriously =, you can’t make this stuff up!

Solar panels do not last long and are likely to be replaced before 10 years have even passed. Meanwhile not missing the government’s STC’s credit and offset for installing the costly things in the first place.

The other problem with voting for The Greens is that they fail to see how damaging it can be to mine the earth for the Natural resources that aren’t renewable but goes into making ‘renewable energy’ products and vehicles. It just makes no sense whatsoever, doesn’t it! Also, the poor people doing the mining so the woke Greenies can virtue signal on Twitter (well perhaps not for long on Twitter) I imagine would like more conversation into the role they play to keep The Greens happy.

The Future of The Greens Party

The future of The Greens party in Australia, and around the world is strong, and will only get stronger. If you are a hardcore Trump, Liberal Party supporter, dare I say, Pauline Hanson supporter, you would want to adopt a swift attitude change I suggest as more and more of these Aussie kids graduate High School and Universities in the coming years with an incredible Elitist, ‘I know more than you – I’m educated in the 2020’s!’

You’d want to get woke and hip to what’s happening as The Greens are here and settled for a long, long time. 2022 has sent out a warning shot to all. Let’s all hope and pray for a cleaner, brighter and smarter future in Australia.

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