CPSM Care building a $40 million dollar aged care in a quiet suburb of Southeast Brisbane

With more than 140 beds, 150 jobs, and a total cost of over $40 million – this new aged care residential development is a huge addition to a quiet suburb of Southeast Brisbane.

And the people behind the Camp Hill project believe that as construction begins to take shape, it will be a perfect complement to the suburbs.

The 754 Old Cleveland RD project will be the fifth home of CPSM Care in the South-East Queensland business area, which is already located in Holland Park, Kippa Ring, Aspley, and Coomera.

Shane Winterton, manager of the CPSM Care business, said that providing 141-bed the new facility would feel like a real home to its residents.

“The rooms will be like a home with a home,” he said.

A sample design of CPSM Care

“Instead of a common room for everyone to sit for dinner and a large dining room, the facility features a variety of wings and lounges as well as a good modern home with a balcony and outdoor space for each room.

Despite our very close proximity to Holland Park, we believe there is a specific need for this place to care for the community and the elderly in that case where we will have good homes and services.

The original application, which was submitted for a 151-bed facility by Allity Aged Care in 2017 and later approved by Brisbane City Council, received some negative feedback from local residents who believed the development could affect traffic as well as Camp Hill character.


But the Allity withdrew their offer in 2019 after CPSM Care bought the land and submitted some changes from the community.

The number of beds has been reduced by 10 and CPSM Care has created a full first-level underground parking space for 65 car spaces.

Mr. Winterton added that the building has gone a long way in terms of architecture so it would fit the character of Camp Hill.

A sample design of CPSM Care

He said that “We wanted a beautiful and modern look that matched the surrounding area.”

“I think now that there are a lot of car parks off the road as well as a bus line outside, there will be very little interference with traffic in this area.”

“Since we changed the project, we have had a good response from most of the community and we already have a number of people interested in the house.”

Mr. Winterton said they intended to complete the project in May or June next year.

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