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The Sunshine Coast man found guilty and jailed for murdering his Brother - Highland County Press

The Sunshine Coast man found guilty and jailed for murdering his Brother

A Sunshine Coast man who had come to Queensland for his wedding stabbed his brother to death has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Bernard John Robbins, 59, pleaded not guilty to murder by his brother Gregory Kenneth Robbins, 61, in Buderim on June 13, 2019.

Crown alleges that Bernard took two knives from a kitchen and stabbed his brother in the garage of his Buderim home, out of rage, after Greg comments his fiance that threatened his marriage.

The Supreme Court has heard that Greg, who came from Western Australia for Bernard’s wedding three days later, was stabbed seven times, and five in the chest and abdomen, the Supreme Court has heard.

At 3.45 pm on the sixth day of the Supreme Court trial, the jury returned a guilty verdict after speaking for about eight hours.

“The jury must have accepted that he acted angrily to kill his brother,” Crown prosecutor, Chris Cook said of Bernard.

“Horrible violence caused his death at night.”

Chief Justice Catherine Holmes said, “You killed your brother that there should have been a happy atmosphere, of his coming to Buderim with his partner for your wedding.

“I admit it was a product of alcohol-driven anger, I admit that you must regret it and continue to do so for the rest of your life.

“You obviously had some feelings for your brother or you would not invite him to your wedding.

“But having said that, what you have done had terrible consequences for so many people.”

The chief justice said the horror of the night had been striked to Bernard’s own daughter Anne, his partner Sally Doring and Greg’s partner Karen Venden Drieson, who came together at a pre-wedding gathering at the Buderim unit.

If they have to withdraw it, they will have to prove their case.

The Chief Justice said Mrs. Vanden Drieson’s statement of detrimental effect made it clear that she was having a lot of trouble overcoming it.

“It simply came to our notice then. She saw it … she was sober, she saw the whole thing, he saw her partner dying, “the judge said.

“And she continues to fight, and this day will probably be the rest of her days as a result of your worst tendencies.”

The judge said Bernard had also deprived Hayley Robbins who sat through the trial in court of her father.

It will be even more difficult for her because she never would have a chance to be reunited with her father after her father died.

Chief Justice Holmes said that “This is such a deadly set of events for everyone involved.”

She sentenced Bernard Robbins to life imprisonment, declaring that he had already spent 686 days in custody.

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