Another blood clot: As an Australian man died after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

A NSW man died from a blood clot in his lung shortly after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Northern Daily Leader reported that the 55-year-old Tamworth man was “healthy and fit” when he received the vaccine, but died eight days later on April 21.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is “aware” of the incident, but no link has yet been established between the vaccine and the man’s death.

The TGA said in a statement that “reporting any adverse events in the TGA post vaccination does not mean that the incident was due to vaccination.”

“All TGA reports of deaths after vaccination are reviewed by reviewing whether the vaccine contributed to an event or treatment situation that led to fatal consequences.

This review is conducted by clinical staff and includes collecting and considering the patient’s current and past treatment history, risk factors during vaccination, and medications as well as any tests such as pathology and clinical notes, and where necessary. Discuss with the respective state and region health departments and individual health professionals.

According to the Tamworth newspaper, the man’s family members did not blame the vaccine, but he was shocked.

The Novavax vaccine will arrive Australia in September.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has not yet approved the US vaccine, but Health Secretary Brendan Murphy says it will reach Australia in the third quarter of the year.

“We may be seeing something in Quarter 3, it may be my recollection, it’s September, but it could also be August. All (NovaVax) are saying they’re confident of giving us something,” he said.

Paul Kelly, Australia’s chief medical officer, said there would be no immediate change in the existing quarantine program despite the risk of the infection spreading within the community.

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