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Australians who are staying in foreign countries are very “anxious” to return Australia - Highland County Press

Australians who are staying in foreign countries are very “anxious” to return Australia

The Australian, who recently returned, said he was “not welcome” to return to the country, considering the federal government’s decision to suspend repatriation flights from India.

Stefan Centofanti, 24, returned to Australia on March 9 on a DFAT flight from London.

He moved to the UK in August 2019 with his girlfriend of three-and-a-half years, 22-year-old Iida Karhonen, who was accepted to study a Bachelor of Management and Marketing at the Royal Holloway University.

Looking back on his own experience, Athelston’s Mr. Centofanti said stranded Australians were temporarily barred from entering the country.

Mr. Centofanti told NCA Newswire that “I understand where the government will come from, but as a citizen stuck abroad I believe that no matter what country you live in, if you want to come to home to Australia you should always be allowed.”

“Whether it’s India, London, Italy – where there are big hot spots – you should never refuse to enter your country if you are an Australian citizen.”

Mr. Centofanti said returning to Australia even without a flight ban was a “difficult” process.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Tuesday that flights from India would be suspended until May 15 due to a massive outbreak of Covid-19 in India.

He told the media on Tuesday that the suspension would take effect immediately.

As a result of his decision, 9,000 Australians are stranded in India.

This will give some breathing space NSW settlements and allow people from other countries to come back,” Mr. Morrison said.

The Prime Minister said that future travelers who want to come to Australia from India must return the negative PCR test and fast antigen test before the flight.

He added that indirect flights from India via Doha, Dubai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur have also been stopped by their government.

Mr. McGowan said Tuesday that “What we’re finding is that a lot of people are coming in who are Covid-positive, so obviously the system isn’t working intentionally.”

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