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The Six-year-old boy will not recover & his life support will be withdrawn in the next 48 hours says, Doctors - Highland County Press

The Six-year-old boy will not recover & his life support will be withdrawn in the next 48 hours says, Doctors

A devastated Gold Coast family has been told their six-year-old son will not recover from injuries sustained in a bizarre accident involving toys.

Deklan Babington-McDonald was playing with a penguin toy he bought from Sea World a few days ago, when he was seriously injured and taken to Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Doctors told his family today that Deklan is “beyond recovery” and that his “life support will be withdrawn in the next 48 hours.”

Cousin Leah Williams said, “The devastated family doesn’t begin to describe how the family is at the moment.

In a statement, Village Road Show Theme Parks said it was “saddened to learn of the tragic accident involving Deklan” and “needs to understand the situation surrounding and what has happened.”

She said the toy was purchased for Deklan four days before the accident, but did not elaborate on how the toy injured the only child.

“It was a toy bought from Sea World on the Gold Coast,” Mrs. Williams told NCA NewsWire.

Cousin Leah Williams said the toy was a penguin with a melodic costume that had a “tough” long lead and claimed it was seized by police.

Police have confirmed that a six-year-old child was found “unresponsive”.

However, they will not comment on whether an investigation is underway into whether the toy was seized.

“There is no suspicious situation surrounding the incident,” they told NCA NewsWire.

“We cannot comment further on this incident at this time.”

Sea World has temporarily taken the toy in question off the shelves and will reach out to the family.

A fundraiser has raised more than $10,000 to support the family costs and a memorial.

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