An Australian citizen has died in India, but the cause of death is unclear.

Authorities are investigating reports that an Australian citizen has died in India after the country was crippled by a Coronavirus crisis.

An Australian citizen has died in the devastating COVID-19 in India, but it is not yet clear if they had the virus, the committee heard.

High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell was asked at a Senate committee hearing on Friday if he was aware of any Australian citizens who died in India due to Covid-19 while waiting to come home.

“The department is providing conscious and consular assistance in compliance with the charter, to the family of an Australian permanent resident, who is reported to have died in India,” he said.

High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell

“I have been advised not to comment further due to our confidentiality obligations.”

He said one of the reasons he did not comment was because it was not clear how the man died and whether it belonged to the Covid-19.

Mr. O’Farrell, however, explained that India reported an overnight infection rate “higher than the population of Canberra” and that he did not believe “anyone can hold a heart” and said that no Australian citizen or permanent resident was among the dead.

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