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Olympic great Michael Klim has revealed that he has undergone surgery at a cancer treatment center in Sydney. - Highland County Press

Olympic great Michael Klim has revealed that he has undergone surgery at a cancer treatment center in Sydney.

Olympic swimming legend Michael Klim has undergone surgery to remove a cyst from the throat at a specialist cancer treatment center in Sydney.

The former world record holder shared his ordeal on social media on Friday, revealing that he completed several procedures after doctors identified a cyst in his throat.

The 43-year-old posted a video of himself attaching a tube to a hospital bed at the Cancer Treatment Center, Chris O’Brien Life house specialist in Camperdown.

“There was another procedure to remove a lump in my throat!”

“Enjoy pain relief!”

Klim joined his girlfriend Michelle Owen at his bedside, who was seen drinking water through the straw.

“My nurse Michelle Owen has arrived. Lucky man,” he wrote.

“Get well soon my love,” his girlfriend posted on social media.

The gold medalist, who did not disclose what other processes he had received, smiled despite his ordeal.

Klim did not publicly disclose the official diagnosis of the cyst, but the Telegraph has contacted him Saturday to comment.

Klim is an Australian swimmer of Polish descent who was chosen to represent Australia at the 1994 Victorian Commonwealth Games. He twice set a world record in the 100m butterfly.

He is the only Australian to win a gold medal at both the Sydney 2000 Olympics and the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Klim was previously married to former model and fashion entrepreneur Lindy Rama, with whom he shares two daughters and a son.

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