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We don't want to see our live music industry die- Cr Schrinner - Highland County Press

We don’t want to see our live music industry die- Cr Schrinner

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner is urging the state government to allow full houses at music venues, criticizing a “double standard” in the COVID-19 restriction on competence in sports and live music events.

Powderfinger bass guitarist and co-owner of Fortitude Music Hall and Amy Shepard of The Triffid, John Collins and Brisbane band Shepard today lobbying the state government to relax its COVID-19 restrictions on music venue capacity with the Lord Mayor today.

Cr Schrinner has called for live music venues to be allowed to operate at full capacity again, with stadiums filled with sports fans, warning that the live music industry is “on the verge of extinction” on ABC Radio Brisbane.

He said the exceptions to allowing large sporting events to go ahead had been positive and well-accepted, but “really, there are some other industries who are asking why they can’t arrange in place.”

Under the current COVID-19 restrictions, all attendance is allowed to be ticketed and seated at all large venues, such as sports stadiums, concert venues, theaters and jazz clubs.

According to Queensland Health, indoor venues can also operate at 100 percent capacity if all attendees are ticketed, allocated and seated.

“Live Music is one of the industries that supports a lot of jobs. Economic research shows that every dollar invested in live music returns three dollars to the economy,” Lord Mayor said.

“Venues need to be allowed to operate at live music venues again to their full potential – these are not the most profitable businesses and they just can’t make it possible – they can’t make money with reduced capacity. That’s the reality.”

This means that the people who work in these places and all the places that are supported by these places are really fighting. They are teetering them on the edge at the moment. “

Cr Schrinner said that if nothing is done now, a lot of people will go out of business and warned that “we don’t want to see our live music industry die”.

He said that you can accommodate up to 50,000 people in Gabba, yet live music venues are only allowed to operate on a seating management basis.”

“In cases like Fortitude Music Hall when they can fit normally, say, out of 3,000 people, they can only fit a third at the moment.”

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