An 80-ton Crane falls into a house and a garage on the Sunshine Coast at 4:45 pm on Friday

Emergency services are at the scene of the crane that crashed into a house and garage on the Sunshine Coast.

The crane fell silently into the house and garage on the Sunshine Coast.

At 4:45 pm on Friday, they were called to the Bradley Crescent at Nirimba, west of Caloundra.

A police spokesman said the crane had fallen on top of a garage and a house.

The Queensland Ambulance Service posted on social media that no injuries were reported.

Police said the crane operator will be at the scene of the crane accident on the Sunshine Coast because of alternative arrangements for residents of the damaged home.

At the scene of a crane accident, police said residents were not harmed when an 80-ton vehicle crashed into three houses.

Sunshine Coast Police District Duty Officer Tony Hurley said three people were at one of the homes at the time of the crash at Nirimba Benjamin Crescent around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

Neighborhood resident Jaiden Corrigan said he was at home when he heard loud noises.

“I was looking for the front door waiting for someone to come near my house and I saw the crane go up slowly,” Mr. Corrigan said.

“I thought it was moving too fast and the next moment I heard the Big Bang.”

He said he was jumped in his car and driving to see what had happened there.

“It was really huge noises,” he said

“Everyone on the street heard it, everyone was running.”

Caloundra firefighter Kim Gray said the impact of the crash was significant and firefighters were working to shore up damaged homes.

Mr. Gray said that unfortunately the crane came in contact with three houses.

Fortunately, there are no injuries to the crane operator or the neighbors or people in the house.

He said the crane would remain where it was overnight so the incident could be properly investigated on Saturday.

He said police would be at the scene overnight and workplace health and safety officers were on their way.

Sergeant Harley said, “It’s really a miracle and people are lucky that they weren’t injured in this incident.”

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