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Brisbane produced the biggest comeback in its 33-year history - Highland County Press

Brisbane produced the biggest comeback in its 33-year history

The Brisbane Broncos have delivered a Titanic turmoil that could prove a building block on coach Kevin Walters’ Red Hill reconstruction mission.

Brisbane produced the biggest comeback in their 33-year history as the Broncos went from diabolical to delightful in a head-spinning 36-28 derby defeat of the Titans at Suncorp Stadium.

With 23 losses from the last 25 matches boosting their confidence, the Broncos took another push when they were on the verge of a 22-0 victory over the Gold Coast 15 minutes later.

However, 21,322 people were disciplined as Brisbane sensationally came up from the canvas to surprise the Titans with 3 points without an answer and recorded their second win from eight rounds with six attempts.

It was the biggest fightback in Brisbane’s decorated history, a 18-point deficit as the Broncos beat Canberra 30-28 in 2006, the year the glamor club last won the premiership.

While this is rarely a precedent for other titles, the Titanic instability could prove a regional building block in Broncos coach Kevin Walters ’‘ Red Hill Reconstruction Mission ’.

New parts of Tyson Gamble and Anthony Milford’s pairing proved the truth of the decision to run the ax, with the Broncos finding their fighting spirit as Jamayne Isaako, Corey Oates and Tevita Pangai Jnr were influential.

“We’re breaking records all the time,” Walters called. “I didn’t give a damn about 22-0, I was confident we can fight our way back and we did.”

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