Firefighters were called to a house in Queensland engulfed with huge flames.

Firefighters were called to a house fire overnight where a house in Queensland engulf with fire.

Residents of Brisbane woke up to the smell of smoke after a significant fire broke out overnight. It was so horrible at the moment.

Six firefighters were called to Nelson Street, Kalinga around 1:30a.m. Monday where a higher-set Queenslander house was engulfed in flames.

Several members of the public had called the emergency services about the blaze as they were so afraid of huge fire flames said A spokesman of QFES.

A senior officer was also present at the scene, firefighters added the blaze by 1.24am and extinguished the fire by 2.13pm.

Everyone was terrified to see the fire and the smoke.

Paramedics also took part in the Nelson street fire but no one was presented for treatment.

Overnight, a resident said something was so terrible and there was so much light around the house.

“There were a lot of smoking and the smell of smoke woke me up,” said another resident.

Since then a fire truck has been trying to dampen the hot spotsbut till morning at the spot.

Police do not consider the fire suspicious.

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