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The 6years old Gold Coast boy died after withdrawn life support - Highland County Press

The 6years old Gold Coast boy died after withdrawn life support

The devastated family of Gold Coast has said goodbye to their six-year-old son after life support was withdrawn.

The heartbreaking farewell came last Friday after Deklan Babington-McDonald had been in intensive care since Anzac Day last week, following an incident (a horrible accident) involving a penguin toy bought from Sea World.

Confirming the decision on Monday, a family fundraiser page said that Deklan died while surrounded by his friends and family.

“Deklan died on April 30 at the Queensland Children’s Hospital, surrounded by his extended family, and some closest family friends.”

Please respect family privacy and condolences at this time. Any details of the appropriate commemoration will be communicated.

“They are reading beautiful messages of support and love and appreciating all the kindness and generosity.”

Doctors told Deklan’s family last week that the six-year-old was “out of recovery” after the Anzac Day incident.

“The devastated family doesn’t begin to describe how it is right now,” Leah Williams, the cousin of Deklan, said last week after the news broke.

Deklan with his mom

Funds donated to support Deklan’s family exceed $ 14,000.

In a statement after the incident, Village Road Show Theme Parks said it was “saddened to learn of the tragic accident involving Deklan” and that it must understand the circumstances surrounding what happened.

Sea World temporarily took the questionable toy off the shelves.

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