Brisbane Airport overflowing with crowds after a long weekend

Brisbane Domestic Airport has been overcrowded today, with about 200 flights scheduled to depart and 180 flights to arrive.

Crowds have returned to the domestic airport in Brisbane after a long weekend travelers head home.

Keen travelers have entered Brisbane Airport showing the first view of the entire airport for a year after returning home from their long weekend trip.

When customers donate masks at Brisbane Domestic Airport, passengers feel normal and return from COVID feeling relatively safe to catch domestic flights.

Gold Coast mother Emma-Lee Allan and her two daughters Charlotte, 6 and Vivian, (3) traveled to Townsville for an event over a long weekend.

Ms. Allan said that “It was very busy; whenever we flew to Townsville it was always a packed flight,”

She said the only visible difference from flying before the epidemic was to wear a mask.

“It’s really just a mask as a mother I’m aware of cleaning my hands.”

The Darwin couple Chris and David Lloyd rented cheaply to visit Ms. Lloyd’s mother over the long weekend.

Ms. Lloyd said that “It was busy coming down, the plane was spinning,” Mrs. Lloyd said.

About 200 flights scheduled to depart Monday at Brisbane Domestic Airport and there about 180 flights to arrive.

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