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A woman knelt down at PM’s feet and begging him for help - Highland County Press

A woman knelt down at PM’s feet and begging him for help

A dramatic scene has emerged at Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s press conference in Central Queensland after a woman knelt at his feet and begging him for help.

In the dramatic scene, a refugee woman kneels at the feet of Prime Minister Scott Morrison to plead for help for her family in Cameroon.

As soon as the Prime Minister’s press conference in Rockhampton was over, she fell at the Prime Minister’s feet and shouted, “Help me, help me.”

The report from the scene said, “My people are being killed.”

Mr. Morrison got down on his knees to talk to her, when a crowd gathered around them.

The woman, who said she had been in Australia for 12 years, spoke to Mr. Morrison about genocide in Cameroon, saying she had family and friends who are dying.

A man at the scene said the woman was distressed and upset.

Mr. Morrison spent about five minutes talking to her.

MP Michelle Landry of Capricornia, who was at the press conference with the Prime Minister, later stayed with the woman to talk to her.

The woman told reporters that she wanted to raise awareness about Cameroon’s trauma and violence.

“Genocide is going on in my country, my friends and family have been affected. The youngest is 21 years old,” she said.

“Every day they are going through trauma. My family, I don’t know where they are. I am the only one in this country.

“I can’t even visit my family because of the genocide.”

She said she was trying to raise awareness among Australians about what was happening.

There have been violent attacks by separatists in Cameroon since 2016, with nearly 3,000 killed and 700,000 displaced by the end of last year.

Ms. Landry said the woman had spoken to her office earlier about her situation, and went to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Commerce with her concerns.

“I will definitely follow up with another meeting and contact the people concerned to see what can be done about it,” she added.

“Obviously we have taken these things very seriously, but we cannot tell any other country what they can do.”

“Much will depend on how Australia relates to other countries.”

Ms. Landry said Australia’s refugee acceptance had declined over the past 18 months due to the COVID-19 crisis.

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