The family whose home was hit by an 80-tonne crane will not get any help as the insurance company said sorry.

The family whose home was hit by an 80-tonne crane in a bizarre accident last week could be forced to move a few kilometers to put a roof over their heads because the insurer refused to provide emergency assistance.

Alex Selkrig and his pregnant wife Misty and their three children, aged one, two and seven, have been left homeless after an 80-tonne crane collapsed on the roof of their home on the Sunshine Coast on Friday.

This helpless family will be forced to live with relatives hundreds of kilometers away if emergency funding continues to be withheld after a freak event that saw a crane crash into the family’s home.

It was a terrible ordeal, but miraculously, no one was injured.

“We don’t know where we’ll be and it’s so hard to try to convince the kids that we don’t know when or when we’ll get back to our home,” said heartbroken Ms. Selkrig.

She said the crane company had been “absolutely amazing” but the insurer responded to the Mecon Insurance family’s call that they were: “Sorry (they) are unable to provide any explicit assistance at this time.”

Sunshine Coast Police District Duty Officer Tony Hurley said it was “really it was a miracle as there were no injuries.”

The incident is being investigated by Workplace Health and Safety and Mecon Insurance has been contacted for comment.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me account..

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