‘World’s First’ hydrogen battery will be made in Queensland

A Sydney-based company has chosen Southeast Queensland as its new home for the production of revolutionary hydrogen fuel cells, marked as the next step in renewable energy.

The “world’s first” LAVO system is said to be able to power a home for up to two days on a single charge while generating zero emissions.

The system – which works even in blackouts – works using electrolysis to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Oxygen is then released into the atmosphere and hydrogen then accumulates in the fuel cells and creates clean green energy.


“We can actually provide a long-term high-energy storage solution that lithium batteries can’t,” LAVO’s Alan Yu said.

Hydrogen is stored in a “solid-state”, non-flammable and is recommended to have a 30-year of shelf life of charge – which total costs about $35,000.

Mr. Alan Yu said that “This is a world first.”

However, when the battery is combined with solar energy, its manufacturers say that it can save users from the power grid and completely avoid electricity bills.


Battery storage units will be built in Springfield, south of Brisbane, and the LAVO’s manufacturing site will be fully operational by March 2022.

From the first of July 2021, Springfield City Group will also roll out the technology in its commercial building.

Construction of the new site will create 200 jobs on top of another 50 more as the plant continues to operate and running.

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