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Six foreigners who arrived in Sydney tested positive for COVID-19 were fully vaccinated. - Highland County Press

Six foreigners who arrived in Sydney tested positive for COVID-19 were fully vaccinated.

Six people tested positive in the hotel quarantine test though they were fully vaccinated.

Travelers that say they were fully vaccinated tested positive for COVID-19 while staying at the Hotel Quarantine in Sydney NSW Health reported.

“In the four weeks ending May 1, 2021, six (3%) Overseas acquired COVID-19 cases self-reported being fully vaccinated before arriving in Australia, although they may have been exposed to COVID-19 before their vaccines became fully effective. (Two weeks after their second dose),” NSW Health Reported.

One case received one-shot the vaccine (Johnson and Johnson) and in the rest of the two cases had received two doses of the vaccine (Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Moderna).

NSW breathed a sigh of relief after no local COVID case-recorded on Friday, however, there were five new cases of coronavirus in the hotel quarantine.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she was satisfied with Sydney’s response as the number of tests reached 13,339.

However, there are still fears community members could be infected with COVID-19 without knowing it after an eastern suburbs couple tested positive on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

For the first time this week, a man tested positive for COVID-19 has no connection to foreign travel, border work or health work, and health officials are stunned by how he became infected.

Genome analysis indicates that the virus he was infected with came from a returned traveler from United States, but it is not clear how it actually spread.

Officials have warned that there is a “missing link”, which means there might be one or more people in the community, and COVID-19 is positive but may be they are not aware of it.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said “It’s a mystery at the moment,” on Friday morning.

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