Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Attorneys

Review Documents

Lawyers have to handle an immense amount of paperwork. Whether you are working in business litigation or criminal cases, you cannot avoid the mountain of paperwork that comes with legal proceedings.

Attorneys are obligated to review any documents that are sent to them regarding their case. This task chews up a lot of time and often requires a lot of late nights. Firms can put AI to use here by teaching these tools how they review documents. Once criteria have been set for the Artificial Intelligence tool, it can review all the documents and highlight which ones it thinks are the most important based on the criteria entered.

Manage Contracts

Managing a large volume of contracts can be a real challenge. Artificial Intelligence tools can help attorneys organize their contracts, track their outcomes, and in some cases, even aid in negotiations. The more data the AI tool can gather, the more effective it will be in future contract negotiations. These tools can also help lawyers gain valuable insights into their contract strategies.

Besides managing contracts, AI tools can also be used to predict how long it will take a contract to be accepted. While this may not seem like a big deal on the surface, if you have an accurate idea of when a contract will be accepted, this information can have a monumental impact on the strategy a business chooses to take.

Predict the Outcome of Litigation

Predicting outcomes of litigation is a skill that attorneys develop over years of practice and studying law. It is important to know if you have a winnable case. Having an idea about the potential outcome of your case has a major impact on settlement negotiations and whether plea deals are accepted.

Nobody wants to take a case to court and lose. AI can be used to analyze previous cases with similar facts and circumstances. These tools can then provide attorneys with a statistical analysis of the likely outcomes of the litigation. Having this information allows an attorney to give their clients better advice about their case.

AI Equals More Time

Artificial Intelligence provides people with more time to focus on other tasks. In the case of lawyers, there are a number of tasks that they could be focusing their energies on if they had AI tools to aid them in some of the laborious tasks mentioned above.

Some of the tasks that lawyers can spend more time doing thanks to the power of AI are:

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