Four Facts About Online Casinos That You Never Knew

Online casinos are becoming popular in the world day by day. It has witnessed consistent growth over the past two decades.

Likewise, it is also regarded as one of the most profitable industries in the world. Gambling is a global activity, and so are the platforms providing gaming services in different regions. You can check out the best gambling sites in the opinion of IrishCasinoHEX if you are from that territory.

Interestingly, there are some facts about online casinos you might not know. You may never have come across these facts even as an old casino player. Anyways, you may have guessed it, but the article will be confirming it. Below are four facts about online casinos you never knew;

Online casino is almost as old as the Internet

Online casinos have gained prominence in the past five years. In those years, it experienced rapid growth and acceptance from players. Many games moved to Asia and spread quickly across the largest continent of the world. As a result, a lot of people must have thought online casinos are a recent development.

It is interesting to know that online casino is as old as the Internet itself. The Internet was created in the year 1991. Just three years after the invention of the Internet, the first online casino was created. Microgaming launched the gaming clubonline casino in 1994. Isn’t it impressive to learn about this? However, the graphics and features available were not as good as the recent online casinos. However, the establishment of the online casino can be traced back to 1994.

The Game of the Devil

Online casinos feature different game types and variants. Roulette is one of the most played games in online casinos. It is interesting to know that Roulette is nicknamed the Devil’s game. You might not have heard this before.

There is a reason behind this weird nickname given to the Roulette game. The total number appearing on the wheel of a Roulette adds up to 666. This is also the same number known to be a sign of the beast in the Bible. As such, gamblers indirectly inferred that Roulette must be the game of the Devil.

However, this does not mean that Roulette is a deadly game. The assertion is said to be a mere fallacy by people. Also, it does not in any way determine the difficulty of the Roulette game.

A win of £13.2 million

Online casinos are an avenue for players to win a massive amount of money. Games such as progressive slots and jackpots have made this possible. With a bit of stake, a player can be lucky to win an unimaginable amount of money. This is no lie, as it has happened on several occasions.


The highest win in the record of an online casino is £13.2 million. A man from Cardiff played an online slot game with just 25 Pounds. The lucky man won a whopping sum of £13.2 million. The win is still regarded as the world’s highest win in the history of online casinos.

Games of the boys

You can guess this rightly. Males predominantly play online casinos. Statistics had it that 11% of Internet users gambled on online casinos. Likewise, 80% of these gamblers are male. Gambling is no doubt an activity for the boys.

In the same regard, online casino players are made up of male adults. Young boys will prefer to gamble on sportsbooks rather than online slots. The average age of an online casino player is 30 years. Online casinos have measures to restrict underage participation strictly.

Online casinos are becoming the favourite of gamblers nowadays. Its growth is spreading across continents of the world. Equally, there are exciting facts worthy of noting about online casinos.

It is unbelievable that online casinos have been in existence for over two decades. Casino players may find it difficult to believe the game is as old as the Internet. If you know these facts, you are one step ahead of the average casino user who is ignorant of these facts.





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