DirectStorage to Work with Windows 10 and 11


When Windows 11 was revealed, the community was surprised that Microsoft has decided to go ahead with a finalized product rather than issuing a pilot version that would have served as the basis of a future build.

Yet, Windows 11 seems to have it all, and one of the features it sports appeals to the gaming community in particular.

DirectStorage is what has prompted many analysts to say that Windows 11 is likely to be the “best Windows ever for gaming,” and that is a fact. DirectStorage is essentially a powerful Windows 11 feature that will allow games to load directly on a computer without tying up CPU resources. It promises big changes to the way we play video games and to the way we buy hardware.

The guys over at BSN already have a lot of experience with Windows 10 and they are looking forward the release of Windows 11 with trepidation. DirectStorage is one of the features that excite them and, as it turns out, it will not be limited to Windows 11 alone. Microsoft has decided to release DirectStorage for the current build as well.

So, How Will DirectStorage Help Us Game Better?

The technological prowess required to make DirectStorage a reality is definitely impressive. Developers are essentially circumventing the process and using graphics card power to lower CPU usage in a bid to improve the way games perform.

One of the project’s developers, Hassan Uraizee, has been kind enough to explain how the new DirectStorage API programming model is supposed to create a DX12-style batched submission pattern. Thanks to this technology, apps no longer need to manage an influx of IO requests and notifications per second, which should free up a lot of resource.

Another feature that will still benefit gaming on both Windows 10 and Windows 11, thanks to DirectStorage, is the way the company has upgraded the OS storage stacks.

A Continuation of Proven Technology

Microsoft is definitely optimizing the gaming experience and that is a fact. However, the technology has already been used successfully outside of Windows and into the new Xbox Series X/S consoles, which are able to pull off better overall results.

As it turns out, the DirectStorage pattern has been a great way to optimize the Xbox experience for players. Not only is it optimizing existing gaming platforms – developers of video games already have an idea what DirectStorage is capable of allowing them to tailor their new release to the technology, leading to even further optimization of the gaming experience on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

But who will be benefiting from this? As it turns out, the developers plan for anyone working with Windows 10, version 1909 and up, to be able to enjoy the programming model and GPU decompression that should lead to much better overall results.

Another great thing to notice is that game developers won’t have to keep up with DirectStorage updates. Once they have implemented the feature into their titles, Windows 11 will sort out the rest. Consumers are also left out of the technical to-and-fro as they will only enjoy an optimized pace of play.

Regardless of whether you use some of the best VPNs for Windows 10 or play without hiding your location, DirectStorage will allow you to always take the experience to the next level and have a lot of fun doing so. Players are very welcome to stick to Windows 10 and test DirectStorage prior to upgrading.

Alternatively, anyone who owns the new Xbox Series can check out how the performance is optimized and gaming does feel quicker.


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