An Easy One-Stop Solution for Salvage Car Rebuilding

CITY, IL., (10.10.2021): For more than a decade, Illinois Licensed Rebuilder-AP1H has provided services on all salvage title vehicles including cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles and RVs. Services include salvage, safety, and police inspection, as well as part receipts. Illinois Licensed Rebuilder-AP1H also provides relief to customers by being the middleman with the Secretary of State.

In Illinois City, the government gives salvage titles when repair expenses exceed a damaged vehicle’s current market value. Illinois Licensed Rebuilder-AP1H offers authorized services to repair or replace the vehicles. Rebuilder handles projects with high-quality service to ensure vehicle owners have a stress-free experience. Services include:

Safety Inspection

In this inspection, all the body parts of the vehicle are tested and inspected. This includes cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, and other appliances required by code to check.

Police Inspection

All salvage vehicles require a police inspection to identify and review the documentation. But before being brought here, vehicles must pass the safety lane inspection and test from the Illinois Department of Vehicles. The appointed counties inspect the salvage vehicles, and Illinois Licensed Rebuilder, as the middleman, offers this service to customers.

Parts Receipt

In Illinois City it is mandatory for a Secretary State of Police to inspect all salvaged vehicle parts  before a review title is issued. With Rebuilder, the vehicle owner doesn’t have to go through the process themselves. Rebuilder provides all the essential parts receipts. Time is saved by using a selected code list for each vehicle.

Salvage Inspection

There are several steps necessary to take before making an appointment for a salvage inspection. The vehicle must pass the safety inspection, as well as safety lane rules. The salvage vehicle should be in operating condition during the review. Some parts may be removed and rechecked in the inspection area. All of these services are handled by our team.

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