EverRise Releases the Kraken

Crypto volatility is a much-feared aspect of the crypto ecosystem, majorly responsible for slow crypto adoption. Many crypto projects tackle this challenge by using different security and stability mechanisms. However, BuyBack and token burn are amongst the most successful ways to ensure a constant price rise of the token, and that the token price is not affected by the market drops.

EverRise is one of the most popular platforms which uses the BuyBack and token burn mechanism to ensure that RISE token’s price remains stable, even during market crashes. Token burn is a popular mechanism used by several crypto projects to decrease the circulating supply of a token and increase the demand and price.

EverRise achieves this using a BuyBack contract called “The Kraken”,  which automatically manages and initiates BuyBack periodically, to make token holding a lucrative opportunity for the investors.

The Kraken by EverRise

The Kraken derives its name from an ancient sea monster that swallows its competition whole. The Kraken from EverRise operates under the same umbrella and aims to create the most productive and optimized rewarding mechanism for the token holders.

The Kraken acts as a safety net for RISE token holders and levies a 6% transaction fee to do so. On every transaction within the ecosystem, a 6% fee is collected by The Kraken to buy back and burn tokens from the circulating supply. This is done to reduce the circulating supply, which will ultimately increase demand because of RISE attractive features and increase its price.

BuyBack has an additional advantage as it stops crypto whales from initiating massive token dumps that usually cause the token’s price to plummet. Also, a part of the transaction fee is stored within the contract to be used in the future during extreme market crashes. Kraken’s strategic reserves are deployed at crucial moments to ensure a stable price floor for RISE token holders even when other currencies are struggling.

The Kraken contract is a unique tool that helps eliminate the much-feared crypto volatility, making crypto investment more lucrative and secure. To sweeten the deal, even more, EverRise rewards token holders with a 2% static reflection reward with every transaction.

EverRise – The Hyper-Deflationary Token

EverRise is a game-changer hyper-deflationary token that brings the BuyBack concept into cryptocurrency. The platform creates a lucrative investment opportunity where token holders are rewarded with static rewards and automatic burns.

RISE token acts as the foundation for the EverRise ecosystem and helps the platform establish new standards for DeFi tokenomics. EverRise incorporates the stock market concept, BuyBack, into its BuyBack contract, The Kraken, to manage token inflation.

EverRise aims to help small and large-scale investors rest easy about their crypto investments without fearing market crashes or whale manipulation. EverRise equips the investors with the tools and knowledge to make them confident about their investment and ultimately promote mass-scale crypto adoption.

EverRise does not shy away from security and credibility while ensuring a rewarding experience for the users. The platform is audited by multiple auditing platforms to ensure the smooth functioning of all underlying protocols.

Upcoming dApps

EverRise is developing its ecosystem to add more decentralized applications to increase the platform’s utility—starting with EverOwn. EverOwn will allow a project owner to temporarily renounce their contract ownership, and reclaim it with the vote of their community.

Later, EverRise will introduce EverWallet, a decentralized, secure vault that resides directly on the blockchain, then EverSwap, EverLock and EverSale.

EverSwap, a dApp that will help trade (buy, sell, and transfer) any tokens on PancakeSwap directly to and from EverWallet. The platform will also introduce EverLock, a dApp to secure and protect digital assets, and EverSale, a launchpad powered by EverRise for any presales.

The EverRise community’s increasing rapidly, and the platform has already gained traction and recognition among the crypto ecosystem. To learn more about EverRise visit,

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