Scalpers Set Their Sights On The Switch OLED As Pre-Orders Go Live In The US

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The Nintendo Switch OLED might not have quite as much excitement behind it as the next-generation Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, but hey, that’s not going to stop scalpers from hoarding and relisting this new model online.

Not long after pre-orders went live in the US earlier today, scalpers began listing Nintendo’s new model system on websites like eBay for double and even triple the amount of the $350 retail price. Some listings go all the way up to $1,000 USD

Switch OLED Ebay Listings Nintendo Lifevia eBay

This has become increasingly common in recent times, and sadly we saw the same scenario play out when the system went on sale in the UK. It was also the same deal when pre-orders for Metroid Dread went live – with the Special Edition and amiibo two-pack selling out in record time and listings of the product appearing online not long after.

As usual, we strongly advise against purchasing a new system like the Switch OLED off eBay. If your retailer of choice has already run out of supplies, it’s probably best to hold out and wait for more stock to arrive. See our Switch OLED US pre-order guide for more information.

Did you have any luck pre-ordering a Switch OLED? Leave a comment down below.

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