It Turns Out The “Foam Pads” In The Zelda Joy-Con Controllers Aren’t New

Image: Nintendo

Earlier this month, we ran a story about someone who had supposedly come up with a solution for Joy-Con drift. In case you missed it, the fix requires you to insert a small square of paper or cardboard into the same spot as the analog stick locations in order to reapply pressure to the case of the controller. It’s that simple, and so far seems to be working.

Now, a Nintendo Switch user by the name of @Mario_RPG_Fan on Twitter has opened up their brand new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD controller (yes, someone actually did that) and has supposedly discovered two foam strips around the analog section of the case…

While it seems like this could potentially be an exciting fix, many other Switch fans have now highlighted how similar strips have also been sighted on much older Joy-Con. YouTuber Spawn Wave shared his own yellow Joy-Cons from a few years ago, alongside the new Legend of Zelda ones:

Fellow YouTuber Erica Griffin noted how it’s apparently been a “good while” since these “foam pads” have been in the Joy-Con:

“I first saw them on my neon purple and orange joy-con, Oct 2019. I reshell these things all the time. It has the pads and still drifts a bit. *shrug* Silly fix for a multifaceted issue.”

While these foam pads may have slightly improved Joy-Con controllers, it seems they’re not necessarily the official fix everyone is hoping for…

Have you seen these pads in your own Joy-Con before? Leave a comment down below.

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