Terra Trilogy Brings ’80s Arcade Vibes To Nintendo Switch This Summer

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Everyone has their own definition of retro, though we suspect a number of gamers only go as far as the NES-era when they think of old-school classics. Gamers of a certain age remember pre-Nintendo console days, however, when arcade machines made comforting beeps and bloops and made good use of vector-based visuals.

For gamers in that age bracket it may be worth keeping an eye on Terra Trilogy, which is out today on PS4 but more importantly makes its way to Nintendo Switch in July. From Funbox Media Ltd, it’ll be getting a physical release (for context the PS4 disc version has a recommended price of just £19.99), and if the Switch version follows the model of the current Sony release the three games will also be available separately in the eShop.

The three games in the package are Terra Lander, Terra Lander II – Rockslide Rescue, and Terra Bomber, and each recreates and mimics a classic genre of the early-mid ’80s.

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