Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute Announced For Nintendo Switch

City Connection has announced it’s bringing a new collection to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. It’ll arrive in Japan on 30th September, and will receive a standard and special edition release.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute contains a total of three games by Japanese developer Success Corporation. There’s the 1997 title Cotton 2 and the 1998 releases Cotton Boomerang and Guardian Force. These versions are based on the Sega Saturn builds of each game, hence the name of the collection.

Each game will include quality of life features such as rapid-fire shooting as standard, the ability to rewind sequences, quick save and load and even online leaderboard support.

In related news, last year’s Cotton Reboot! will be adding Appli ke Pumpkin and her companion Needle from Cotton 2 as a playable character in a free update. This same update is also expected to improve screen visibility and resolve various bugs. Along with this, Success is currently working on the 30th anniversary Cotton title for arcade.

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