Mom Hid My Game! 2 Can Be Found On The Switch Today

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Way back in the distant past of 2017, Mom Hid My Game! was a quirky inclusion in one of Nintendo’s early-era Nindie Showcases. Originating on mobile, it’s a simple premise in which you investigate scenes and solve puzzles to find what is clearly a DS, and that’s pretty much it. Its charming style and simplicity, along with a budget price, made it a bit of a cult hit on the Switch and 3DS eShop back then.

We’ve been caught on the hop, somewhat, with a press release dropping today to confirm that Mom Hid My Game! 2 arrives in today’s download update on Nintendo Switch. It still has hap Inc. as the publisher, with KEMCO helping out with development for consoles; the trailer below made its debut earlier in the week on the PlayStation YouTube channel, so it rather passed us by.

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