Random: What If Every Tetris Piece Was Long?

Scientists have been working for years on the question, “what if every Tetris piece was long?” Finally, after decades of research, we have our answer.

You see, in a typical Tetris game, the long piece — also known as a Straight, a Line, or, according to this elaborate prank, “Hero” — is the only way you can get a full Tetris, i.e. four lines in one go. As such, the Tall Boy is the best piece, and everyone loves him and hates him in equal amounts.

But what if all the pieces were blessed with the gift of height? Well, game developer Henri (@henriforshort) asked this question, and, being a game developer, was also able to answer it.

The answer is “it would be a bit harder to play Tetris”, with the additional discovery that “well, it’s not really Tetris if the pieces aren’t tetrominoes”. This is why scientists (and game developers) can’t be trusted, with their clean white coats and their “accredited degrees” from “respectable institutions”. Bah! Here at Nintendo Life, we don’t need fancy bits of paper to tell you that Long Tetris is the FUTURE.

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