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I Forgot How Much I Love Jean Skirts | A Cup of Jo


jean skirt sharon Beesley

The other day, I was hanging out with my friend Sharon (remember this?) and she was wearing a classic outfit: a chambray shirt with a jean skirt. “I’ve been wearing it every day,” she laughed. “My husband is getting sick of it.” But it was undeniably cute and effortless.

jean skirt Joanna Goddard

So, when I got home, I pulled out an old Levi’s jean skirt, which I had forgotten about. “That is very ‘Joanna 2007,’” Alex said, and he was right!

Denim skirts go with everything and it’s a nice change up from summer dresses, don’t you think? This is my exact skirt, and here are three others: black, indigo and distressed. What else are you wearing these days?

P.S. Do or don’ts, and let’s find this reader a workhorse sweatshirt.

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