Israel Folau back in the NRL with the Dragons – Deal soon

Israel Folau, the 31 year old winger, is keen on hooking up with the St George Dragons to get a start back in the NRL for the 2021 season.

Is this Israel’s next Jersey?

This has caused quite a stir within the NRL community as he is a staunch religious man, a devout Christian. The left-wing thought police are out to makesure his return to the NRL does not eventuate, or if it does, they hope it will not be a lucrative endeavour for the former Queenslander and Australian NRL representative.

Enough time has probably passed since his Twitter posts that the ARU fired him for. The truth is we need more Israel Folau’s in the game so that the fight for Freedom of speech is upheld.

It is reported that if Israel Folau agrees to limit his use of social media he most likely will be welcomed back in the NRL. Here’s the thing, he can’t say what he wants, but has to cower to what NRL perceives is the right thing to say.

As for the footy side of things, he came out of a long stint in the AFL, where he was average at best. Many thought that he would take a long time to get anywhere near his peaks in Rugby, or if ever, given he was out for so long and Rugby Union is in fact quite a bit different of a game compared to Rugby League. However, Israel absolutuley carved up the 15 man game, absolutely smoked his peers, incredible it was. Within 12 months back plauying Rugby Union many Rugby Union fans were calling him the best player in the game, and that is a notion that is hard to argue against.

Israel Folau
Israel Folau was a gun NRL player in his hey-day

NRL fans will be excited to see what the 31 year old athlete can bring to the table. Will he be the next Wendell Sailor on the wing, or will he be even better, as good as the Israel of 2008? only time will tell, but bring him home to NRL.

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